Super Motocross

Super Motocross

Ride a motocross bike across rough terrain without falling

Brave the rough terrain, bypass obstacles and make insane jumps on your motocross bike. Finish the courses to unlock new maps and challenges. The game contains 15 levels and four different bikes.

Super Motocross is a game in which you drive a motorcycle over different terrains. You start racing in the jungle, but as you compete and get trophies for your abilities you can play in other places like over the hills, stone giants, a huge stump, among others. All these levels are unlocked progressively as you get at least a bronze trophy on the previous levels. Also, according to the trophies you get, you can also get more motorbikes to drive, but there are only four available. You can try a level as many times as you want until you get the desired score.

The controls are really simple. To move the motorcycle you use the arrow keys and the space bar to apply nitro to go faster. Unfortunately, the game doesn't include a multiplayer mode, which would have made the game more enjoyable. Also, there's no mode to play with other computer players, so you will play alone all the time.
What is more, there are quite few levels available, so if you are an advanced player, you will finish this game in just a few hours.

Regarding the graphics, they are nice, but not really detailed. Sound effects are ok and the music is suitable. All in all, Super Motocross is a simple racing game that may work for beginners, but if you are an advanced player in racing games, you will definitely get bored. Fortunately, the game is absolutely free, so you can try it and see if it works for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Easy to play


  • Only one mode
  • Only four motorcycles
  • A few levels
  • No multiplayer mode
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